DigiCore Photography is a new photographic venture envisioned by Daniel Ilyas in 2013. We aim to provide quality photographs that are delivered in timely fashion, as specified by our clients.

Daniel Ilyas

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Daniel’s passion for photography was kindled in 2010 when he committed to a purchase of a Nikon D60. Bringing his beloved DSLR everywhere he went and sharpening his skills at numerous events hosted by family and friends, he is confident of his ability to create aesthetically-pleasing photographs that capture the “decisive moment.”

Now using a Nikon D700, his main interests lie in candid and pet photography.

Axel Widjojo

Also born and raised in Jakarta, Axel has never realised his passion for photography until he was softly “influenced” to take the hobby up by his good friend Daniel. Though he has worked at Olympus Imaging Australia as part of the Service and Repairs team and currently uses a Fujifilm X-Pro1, he considers himself brand-agnostic.

His main interests lie in portraiture and street photography.